How to link Whatsapp 🏆 to Instagram

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There are a lot of users trying to link Instagram to WhatsApp. You have users in Instagram but you need to talk with them. Instagram Chat is good, but WhatsApp is great. That is the reason you need that link. You need to convert your Instagram user into a WhatsApp user. Someone who can chat with you anytime and you will be able to respond to using the best Chat Tool in the world.

So, to create the link to WhatsApp you need to use our free tool.

How to link WhatsApp to instagram

Go here and create your free link to WhatsApp. You will create a short URL to your WhatsApp number. WhatsApp link

Now that you have the link to your WhatsApp you need to go to your Instagram account and paste it in your profile.

Add your link to WhatsApp to your Profile

Inside your profile you have a URL / Website link you can use. Just paste the link and you will have a link to WhatsApp.

That´s all. It is free and very easy to do.


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