HTML code for WhatsApp chat (3 options)

If you want to generate a WhatsApp Chat for your website you have 3 options.

You can add your WhatsApp plugin for HTML website.

1. Simple HTML link to WhatsApp Generator
This is a simple link you can add in your HTML using the tag

2. WhatsApp Widget for WordPress

If you want to have a Widget with Agents, Call to Action, Messages and Custom Design you can use our Free WhatsApp Widget for WordPress. This is a great tool if you want to have a more powerful interesting WhatsApp Widget.

3. WhatsApp Widget Api Generator

If you need to manage several users, agents or websites, our API WhatsApp solution lets you create and manage different widgets from one unique control panel.
Create your account today to create WhatsApp Widget with API.

Those are 3 options to create your code for WhatsApp Widget.

By César Martín (

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