If you need to add HTML code to you website to have WhatsApp there are a few alternatives you can use.

We are going to give you HTML code to add WhatsApp to your website from very easy to something more complicated.

Easy WhatsApp HTML code for your Website

If you want to have a link to your WhatsApp number the easiest code you can use is just:

<a href=”https://wa.me/your phone number”>Contact me with WhatsApp</a>

That is the simplest, easiest code you can use. You need to add your phone number with the country code and users visiting your website will be able to contact you with WhatsApp.

You can test a link like that one here. Contact me with WhatsApp

If you want to have a Short Link without your number being visible, you can use our free tool to generate a link to WhatsApp.


This is a free tool to generate a link to your WhatsApp number. You can use this service if you want to add your WhatsApp link in YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin.

WordPress Plugin for WhatsApp

If you want to add a WhatsApp Widget to your WordPress Website and create an easier to use WhatsApp button that will appear in all your pages in your website and also can present different agents and a better design, you can use this free plugin.

This is a free plugin you can install in your WordPress Website.

1. Go to plugins >

2. Search for ToChat.Be

3. Install and activate

4. Configure

HTML Code for any website

If you are using Drupal, WIX, Square or just HTML or PHP you can use this free widget to add a WhatsApp widget to your Website.

Create your Account for free.

WhatsApp API – Create your widget in bulk

Finally, if you are managing dozens or hundreds of websites and you want to manage all your widgets from one central service, you can use our WhatsApp API generator.

This is a free service you can use to create and manage large number of WhatsApp Widgets from one single installation. You will control the look and feel, agents, schedule and pretty much anything else you need from your account.

You can create as many Widgets as you want from one central repository. This is the most complicated version of the code, but if you are a developer and you need to manage several accounts, this is the best option.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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