WhatsApp Widget is the tool to start a conversation with your customers. This is a very important step in your sales cycle.

You need WhatsApp Widget if:

  • You work in sales, marketing or customer service.
  • You can create your free account today.
  • You want to be more efficient on getting leads, closing opportunities, controlling the pipeline accuracy, growing more satisfied and repeatable customers and saving money (all at the same time) :).
  • You’re familiar with WhatsApp, but still have not connect your website with WhatsApp.

The management processes in which CRM is based are undoubtedly at the forefront in terms of strategy and marketing, and also at the economic and financial level. Indeed, companies that are thoroughly familiar with their customers can create custom responses, anticipating their wants and needs and answering their major wishes.

In order to build a smarter CRM strategy, WhatsApp responds to the company’s strategy by helping to capture data about the client and external sources. Additionally, with WordPress and WooCommerce we can integrate marketing and information for meeting, recognising and caring for the client in real time.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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