Our blueprint for Coupons and Bookings

We have added coupons to reservations

  1. Coupons are one of the best tools to keep customers loyal to our service.
  2. Coupons allow us to control customers’ consumption of our service.
  3. What options do coupons have?
    1. We can assign coupons to customers.
    2. Each reservation will subtract one coupon from consumption.
    3. This consumption of coupons can generate a “block”, an “alert” or “nothing”.
      1. Block = the customer cannot make more reservations if they do not have coupons. In the case of “blocking” when the user makes a reservation they will see a message that they cannot continue. We will make it easier for them to contact you.
      2. Alert = The client makes their reservation and you receive an alert. In the control panel and in the reservation you will see that the client cannot make reservations.
      3. Nothing = Coupons are basically informational. A customer can go from having coupons to not having coupons and there will be no associated event.
  4. For customers, we are finishing the service that will allow customers to know the reservations made and the coupons consumed. This way your clients can know how they are doing at all times.
  5. Can I give different coupons to each customer?
    1. Yes, coupons are not a business adjustment right now. It is an adjustment we make to each client. That is, one customer may have a coupon for 10 visits and another a coupon for 8 visits. Each one can pay different coupons.
    2. Coupons can be accumulated. A customer can purchase multiple coupons and accumulate them.
    3. Once the coupon is activated, each reservation will go against those coupons. On the one hand you will have reservations made and on the other hand you will have coupons consumed.
  6. To do this we have created a new entity which is “customer”. Each client is a unique number. Each customer is a number linked to reservations and you can assign coupons to each customer. Coupons and customers will be unique to your business.
  7. In the calendar view, reservations with coupons are displayed in blue.
  8. If a user makes a reservation and does not have coupons, we mark it in red. Unless you have decided to block reservations from customers without coupons.

How coupons inside WhatsApp Bookings works?

Now you can add coupons & limits to your bookings in WhatsApp. This new feature helps you limit the number of reservations for each user. When there is a new booking with coupons, now you can see a “blue label”. In this case in Friday there is a “coupon” reservation.

You can add coupons to your WhatsApp Bookings and you can limit how users use your bookings. Coupons will help you limit the use of your bookings by clients.

Coupons can definitely be interesting for bookings! They provide a tangible incentive for customers to make a purchase or booking, whether it’s for travel, accommodation, dining, or any other service. Coupons can attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and help businesses stand out in a competitive market. Plus, they often create a sense of urgency, motivating customers to act quickly to take advantage of the savings. Overall, coupons can be a powerful tool for driving bookings and increasing revenue.

How to manage coupons with WhatsApp bookings

Managing coupons for WhatsApp bookings can be done efficiently by following these steps:

  1. Create Coupon Codes: Generate unique coupon codes using your booking system or a coupon management platform. Ensure each code is distinct and has a defined discount value or offer.
  2. Communicate Coupon Availability: Let your customers know about the availability of coupons through your WhatsApp communication channels. You can send out broadcasts or include information about coupons in your WhatsApp business profile.
  3. Redemption Process: Clearly outline the redemption process for coupons in your WhatsApp conversations. Provide instructions on how customers can apply the coupon code when making their booking.
  4. Automate Responses: Utilize WhatsApp chatbots or automated messaging tools to streamline the coupon redemption process. Set up automated responses to guide customers through applying the coupon code and confirming their booking.
  5. Track Coupon Usage: Monitor the usage of coupon codes to ensure they are being redeemed correctly. Keep track of how many times each coupon code is used and analyze the effectiveness of your coupon campaigns.
  6. Provide Support: Offer customer support via WhatsApp to assist customers with any issues or questions related to coupon redemption. Ensure your support team is knowledgeable about the coupon process and can provide prompt assistance.
  7. Evaluate Performance: Regularly evaluate the performance of your coupon campaigns to determine their effectiveness. Analyze metrics such as redemption rates, booking conversions, and overall revenue generated from coupon usage.

By effectively managing coupons for WhatsApp bookings, you can incentivize customers to make bookings while providing a seamless and convenient experience.

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