The first step is to create your WhatsApp Group. This is a free option and anyone using WhatsApp can create and share a WhatsApp Group Link.

The first step is in the 3 dots menu, choose the option for Create a WhatsApp Group.

The next step is to add at least one user. This is mandatory for a WhatsApp Group. You can not create a Group with no users. So at least you need a first user in your contact least to be added to the group.

The next step is where we can add a Group Name and photo. If we confirm, the group is created.

Making your WhatsApp Group secure

The next step, and this is very important, is to secure your WhatsApp Group. Uncheck the following options to make your group secure.

Uncheck the option to “edit group settings”. This prevents non-admin users to change your group name and configuration.

Also, uncheck the option to “add other members”. This can harm your group reputation if un-known users join the group. A group must be have only users you can control, otherwise it can spin out of control.

Now that your group is secure, you can share your group link and start getting new members. Using our tool you can secure more your WhatsApp Group link and even add payments on top of the group.

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