1. Having direct links to WhatsApp from your ads may not be the best option. It’s not that it’s bad or good, but it’s a very aggressive leap from an announcement. An UNINFORMED customer may be a bad customer. It’s better to qualify the customer a little more so that when we get in touch, we have valuable information.
  2. If this option seems reasonable to us, it is correct to create a landing page without leaks and with basic information about the product so that the customer can understand the conditions of the service, what is offered, benefits, some improvements, etc…
  3. In this landing we can add our widget or form to capture this lead. The form is another tool for calculating leads. We can ask some basic questions about what we need from the client.
  4. These lead data will reach us on WhatsApp, they will reach us by email and they will reach us in our CRM. Everything integrated in 1 click.
  5. The data from the campaigns that we have active will also bring us to our CRM so that we can achieve everything well.
  6. From here on, we will have our virtual or human assistant managing the conversation on WhatsApp. Así de sencillo.
  7. Once the lead is qualified and we have it in a state that is relevant to us, we can move forward with this client to the next stage. Booking, purchase, payment, hiring, etc…
  8. On WhatsApp we have this client forever. We continue with each other to be able to manage their life cycle.
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