Free Consultation with a Doctor

There are many free doctor consultation services on WhatsApp. On this page, we offer the most popular ones by country.

Free Medical WhatsApp in Spain

Club Mapfre WhatsApp number

Your health deserves the best attention. Enjoy as many specialists as you may have doubts. Simply choose the way you want to speak with your Medical Advisor: chat, call or email, and we will give you all the answers.

Mapfre Club of Spain | Healthcare

Free Medical WhatsApp in Mexico

Elevar Salud WhatsApp number
It allows you to have a free consultation via WhatsApp in a simple way.

«Real answers from real doctors. Do you have doubts about your health? Chat on WhatsApp with a real doctor and resolve your doubts in an instant.»

Elevate Health of Mexico | Health care

SuperDoc WhatsApp Number

Free Medical WhatsApp in Honduras

Hello, I am Dr. Cesar and Dra. López, Ask your question with complete peace of mind. Your question is anonymous, and your personal information will not be disclosed.

+504 3173-9548

Free Medical WhatsApp in Ecuador

Otorhinolaryngology Medical Diagnostic Center
Dr. Danilo Mantilla office. Metropolitan District of Quito

Free doctor WhatsApp in Argentina

AMP – La Plata Medical Association. Medical Consultation by WhatsApp: now you can manage your times.

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