To place earrings for a baby at home, you must take into account several important factors to ensure the baby’s safety and comfort. Here is a list of things that the midwife who comes to your house should bring:

Earrings: Be sure to purchase earrings specially designed for babies, usually made of hypoallergenic materials such as 14 or 18 karat gold or titanium. Avoid nickel earrings as they may cause allergies.

Alcohol and cotton: You will need isopropyl alcohol and sterile cotton to clean the earrings and area before piercing.

Disposable gloves: Use disposable gloves to maintain proper hygiene during the process.

Piercing Kit: If you do not have experience piercing earrings, consider hiring a professional with the proper training and equipment necessary to perform the procedure safely.

Earring Lubricant: You can use a small amount of earring lubricant to make inserting the earrings easier.

Steps to put earrings on a baby:

Wash your hands and put on disposable gloves.
Clean the earrings with isopropyl alcohol and make sure they are sterile.
Clean the baby’s earlobe with alcohol and cotton.
Use the earring lubricant to make inserting the earrings easier.
With the help of an assistant, hold the baby securely to avoid sudden movements.
Carefully place the earrings on your baby’s earlobes. Make sure they are centered and not too tight.
After inserting the earrings, gently twist the earrings into place to ensure they are comfortable and secure.
Clean your ears again with alcohol after piercing.
Inform parents about aftercare, such as keeping ears clean and avoiding touching earrings with dirty hands.
If you do not have experience piercing earrings, it is recommended that you find a professional who is licensed and experienced in piercing lobes. It is also important that the baby’s parents are informed and agree to the procedure. The safety and well-being of the baby is the most important thing.

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