Do you urgently need a dye, some highlights, a haircut or a specific treatment but when you go to call your trusted hairdresser, they are closed or they haven’t picked up the phone because of the noise of the dryers?

Maybe you are thinking about having a treatment to improve the appearance of your hair, whether it is straightening, a nourishing treatment, anti-frizz treatment, etc. Or quite the opposite, maybe what you are looking for is a facial treatment, a body massage, or even a professional to do your makeup for an event.

Whatever it is, here you will find what you were looking for, and to get it you will only have to send a WhatsApp. Currently, there are many beauty centers that use WhatsApp to communicate with their clients quickly and easily. Here are some ways in which you can use WhatsApp the beauty center:

Appointment Confirmation: Send appointment reminders to your clients via WhatsApp to reduce cancellations and ensure they are aware of their commitments.

Inquiries and questions: Customers may have questions about the services they offer, opening hours, prices and more. WhatsApp is a convenient way to quickly respond to these queries.

Promotions and special offers: They use WhatsApp to inform their customers about promotions, discounts and special offers. They often send them messages with exclusive discount codes.

Personal care tips and recommendations: Share beauty tips, tutorials or product recommendations through WhatsApp messages.

Reservations and appointment changes: Perhaps it is the most used of all. Allow customers to request appointments or make changes through WhatsApp. This simplifies the process and saves time for both customers and staff.

Special event communication: In some cases, if they organize special events, such as product launches or beauty parties, they use WhatsApp to invite their customers and keep them informed.

Beauty centers with WhatsApp

Here we leave you a wide list of beauty centers that manage all their appointments and/or services through WhatsApp, you can choose from a wide variety of services and treatments:

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