WhatsApp hides numbers: the new surprise in Click to send messages ads! 😱📱🚀

Today I want to talk to you about the recent changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy that these days are considerably affecting the inbound strategy of many of our clients and perhaps you too.

So what has changed?

Now when you start a WhatsApp chat directly with a company (for the first time) through ads on Facebook and Instagram – as a privacy measure – your phone number is automatically hidden. This means the company can’t see it or call you unless you choose to share it. 🙈📵

But what about the beloved chatbots and conversational CRMs? That’s where things get complicated! With this new policy, we won’t be able to use chatbot automations like we used to. 😱🤖 This means that communicating with customers through autoresponders and predefined flows becomes a little more complicated.

And this is not all, if you have a conversational CRM, you will also have to make some adjustments. CRMs cannot communicate with customers if they do not see the phone number. So, in summary, number visibility becomes an important factor in interacting with your customers. 📊📞

2 Tips to minimize the impact

1) Change the ads and “Click to send message” strategy to the Facebook and Instagram channels and use a chatbot to provide primary care and then ask for the WhatsApp number to refer you to an advisor.

2) Communicate this new limitation to the client through a Welcome message and tell them that we will not be able to offer them immediate information through our chatbot if they do not follow the following 4 steps:

Step1: Open your chat with the company.
Step2: Click on the company name or number.
Step3: Next, select “Phone Number Privacy.”
Step4: Finally, choose the “SHARE NUMBER” option.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the user cannot hide their phone number if the company already has it from previous interactions. So, once shared, there is no turning back! 🔒📱

This change may be a major adjustment for many businesses that rely on automation and conversational CRMs. But remember, it is always vital to respect customers’ privacy and give them the option to share their information when they feel comfortable. 🤝🔐

I hope this information has been useful to you and that you can easily adapt to these changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy. Let’s continue to communicate safely and effectively with our customers! 💬🚀

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