These are some of the next steps on our roadmap for the WhatsApp API INbox.

As short-term “milestones”:

  • Apps: In iOS we are developing the native notifications of the apps, they will be soon ready, the goal is to match the functionality of the desktop ( tags, events, scheduled messages, search, custom fields, etc…) with the app.
  • Useful statistics. (We have done a first test and they have given us a lot of feedback, we are going to make a very complete general statistics panel and then the same by agent and teams, so that the performance of each agent and others can be compared… very useful for department heads) This is ready for all customers since today, so any feedback is more than welcome.
  • Chatbot (Improvements: Schedule, templates with buttons instead of “write numbers”)
    – Email integration (we’ve been testing this for months with some clients and they’re happy) basically we send an email like and everything you send appears there in MC and if you have the email in the contact file, we recognize it and we also show it linked to that contact.
    – Integration of switchboards: AirCall and Zadarma, we already do this, but I don’t know if you know it or if it is useful to you. We connect with Aircall and Zadarma and when an incoming call occurs, depending on the flow they have defined, we can do 2 things:
    1) Send a WhatsApp when starting or hanging up the call like “If you want, we’ll help you by WhatsApp, write your query”. (the gang freaks out with this)
    2) If it is a voicemail, we save the audio that the client has left inside MC (so the agent can hear it) and when the client hangs up, he receives a WhatsApp like “We have received your query, we will answer you shortly by WhatsApp)
    We charge the latter separately for 30e/month+VAT.

    All this will be coming out in the next month.

One thing that comes out today, in case someone is interested: Is when you have the chatbot active, and the client follows the flow to the end. We will add one more option so that you can select a number of minutes, 5 for example, and if in those 5 minutes, no agent has answered that conversation, a message “we’re working on it” will automatically be sent. The typical “seems that our agents are busy, but don’t worry, we will answer you as soon as possible”. (each company will be able to write the message they want and activate the option or not)

Please let us know any feedback or need you may have with the tool.

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