To verify if a number is on WhatsApp, you can follow these steps:

Add the number in this form and send the first message. You either will get an error or a reply:

Other ways to verify if a number is on WhatsApp:

Save the number on your phone’s contacts: Open your phone’s contacts app and add the number you want to verify.

Open WhatsApp: Once you have saved the number, open WhatsApp.

Check if the contact is on WhatsApp: If the number is on WhatsApp, you will see the contact’s profile picture and their status. You can also message the contact to confirm that they are on WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp’s “New Chat” feature: If you don’t want to save the contact on your phone’s contacts app, you can use WhatsApp’s “New Chat” feature to verify if the number is on WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and tap on the “New Chat” icon. Enter the phone number you want to verify and WhatsApp will search for the contact. If the contact is on WhatsApp, you will see their profile picture and status.

Note that if the contact has set their privacy settings to not show their profile picture or status to people who are not in their contacts list, you may not be able to verify if the number is on WhatsApp using these methods.

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