Let’s play a quick game. I am going to ask you a simple question. If you are a human living in 2023 you will know for sure!

Let’s start with the million-dollar question


the question is



What is the Simplest Messaging App?

Of course


WhatsApp Messenger!!!!

Did you find it? > 💵 (take your money) 💵


WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your mobile data (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, when available) to send messages and make calls to friends and family.

2.26 billion 😱 are the number of people who uses WhatsApp globally. To put it into perspective, 1 in 4 people use this popular messaging app today. What an enormous!

In the past 13 years, 🔝 it has successfully driven out competitors like Skype and has become the primary channel of communication for people all over the world. 

Ever since its inception, WhatsApp’s app design (and therefore its intended use) has evolved. 

💕 But why is so so so Lovable? 💕

The answer does not leave us speechless.🙃 Everyone loves WhatsApp because it’s a fast, simple, and convenient way for family and friends to chat, create group texts, share photos and videos, send and receive documents, and engage in private, secure conversations anytime, day or night.

With all these ideal conditions it would be almost a shame not to use it to help your business customers find and communicate with you via WhatsApp.

Top 2 Reasons Why SMEs Love WhatsApp

1. WhatsApp has become the #1 form of communication amongst consumers and businesses.

In most countries, landline phones and even SMS messaging have become secondary options next to these new means. This is because omnichannel solutions are much more efficient and immediate than traditional methods.

Meet your customers where they already are!

Instead of introducing a new communication channel and spending time and effort to migrate customers to that platform, it is convenient to use an already established and extremely popular messaging channel. 

2. Using WhatsApp For Marketing & Promotion

Whatsapp marketing is a new-fashioned way of marketing to reach, engage and convert potential prospects using the Whatsapp platform. All we need to have is mobile internet on our devices to get or send calls and messages. If you are planning to launch a new product or you want to inform your customers about your new service, WhatsApp marketing is an easy way to make it possible.

Whatsapp lets you send media files like catalogs, e-books, and brochures to your consumers. Where in email need to prepare a separate promotional mail with a lot of effort but in WhatsApp, it is an easy process.

Customer engagement is an exceedingly different factor in any business and in WhatsApp, it is an easy factor to reach customers. It helps to build a strong communicative space between customers and business representatives by sending simple clear messages for better engagements.

WhatsApp is the best app to launch new products or services globally. One can easily advertise your business through WhatsApp where it can be reached more customers in less period. It’s absolutely a good promotional application for any business.

WhatsApp allows creating different groups for specific purposes like an update about daily work, the client’s new tasks, timing groups for a meeting, and discussion about new tasks. This important feature helps the business team members to get updated information to build up an effective business as a team.

Click-to-chat with your Customers

The great value and global reputation of WhatsApp are very evident. Starting with the stages of simple Customer relationship management or CRM. That means, CRM is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships.

The aim of a CRM is to allow businesses to better manage their customer relationships and ultimately drive more success. CRM software allows you to track and manage inbound leads automatically and provide a platform for sales and marketing to better understand their impact.

After all, make sure you use the best CRM for your business

The Best CRM for SMEs

There is a company that helps you with advice and tools on CRM to establish your business on WhatsApp, called Chatwith.io

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and use the WhatsApp tools and start using features for your ONLINE ENTERPRISE.

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Las 2 razones principales por las que todas las pymes aman WhatsApp ❤️

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