In our WhatsApp Forms we have really cool features to make your forms powerful, useful and really the best experience for your potential customers.

What type of fields can I use in WhatsApp Forms?

We offer a wide range of field types:

  • Text fields. Free text for the user to send.
  • Number fields. There is a validation for numbers
  • Free text. You can add free text to add some extra information in your form.
  • Dropdown. This is very powerful. We add options and scoring base on the selection the users choose.
  • Check. Just one check. Very useful for privacy policy or other options.
  • Time. You can use our bookings system, but if you want something more flexible, you can just ask for the user to choose a time and a date.
  • Date. This is the date part. No validation, nothing. The user can choose any date and any time.
  • Email. Email validation. You can request the email from the user.
  • Telephone. Powerful phone validation with country code. Really the best you can choose.
  • URL. If you need to get a domain from the user.
  • Hidden. Hidden fields to send to your CRM.
  • File. Capture files from users.

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