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How to register your phone number on the WhatsApp Application

While WhatsApp is best known for its messaging service between people around the world, more and more people are using it for voice and video calls.

WhatsApp Messenger is the simplest and free-of-charge app to exchange messages, calls, and personal information. It is used by using the web and you connect with users who are also using the application, select their contact and start chatting!

Install the WhatsApp Messenger

In the first part of this article, you will find exactly which WhatsApp apps you need to download depending on which phone software is used.

How to create your WhatsApp account

Installation procedure

  1. Visit your app store and search for “WhatsApp” then download the app.
  2. Open the App
  3. Verify your Phone Number, with a 6-digit code number that sends your mobile messages.
  4. Accept the “Contacts and Media” to can send photos and media to your contacts.
  5. Type the Name here“: add the name of your new WhatsApp Number to make your new contact recognizable to your friends now that you have installed and used WhatsApp.

How to download the WhatsApp Messenger App

First time switching from WB to WhatsApp

If you are using also a WhatsApp Business account, with the same phone 📞 number, and need to switch to your personal WhatsApp messenger profile. The verification became automatic.

Your account changes directly from your professional profile WB to your personal WhatsApp account for the first time, complete automatically with the verification 6-digit code that you receive on your phone!

Second and more times switching from WB to WhatsApp

But if you change more than 2 times, then the minimum time you have to wait until you connect to one of the two applications is 30 minutes!

The application has a time delay for the continuous connection and disconnection of the 2 applications, to avoid eavesdropping.

Advantage on the most popular platform

  1. FREE

WhatsApp app is free. You can download the virtual operating system store with the device (for example, in PlayStore Android), without paying any fee.

2. Import phone contacts

WhatsApp imports contacts directly from the device it is installed on.

In this way, it is not necessary to save users in the application one by one: the platform does it automatically.

3. ❌No advertising is displayed

Unlike other apps, WhatsApp does not display ads. This represents a great advantage from different points of view.

First of all, the WhatsApp platform is much faster than other messaging services because it doesn’t need to load this advertising content.

In addition, it is pleasant for users not to be bombarded with information that may not be of interest to them.

4. end-to-end encryption

Messages, images, and audio messages sent within a chat are protected with end-to-end encryption.

This encryption system is the privacy protection of the users which ensures that the messages are read only by the phone number they were sent to.

In addition, the app offers different levels of privacy. For example, it allows users who are not registered as contacts not to see their profile picture or personal information.

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