Don’t miss out on how to set up your bookings using our new tool.

BOOKINGS is the perfect tool to help your customers set up a meeting with you. They can do it easily using WhatsApp and you’ll be able to have this organiser and planner tool to have all your meetings time organised.

On we’re working really hard to help your business grow and improve your WhatsApp Communication with your customers. We know everyone’s time is important and we want help you automate the whole process making it easy and effortless. Let’s set up your bookings now to save time!

Bookings is here now! Automate your bookings, reservations and appointments with our BOOKING tool.

Learn how to automate the whole process and make it easier for you and your costumers to reach out to you! Available range times, breaks, calendar periods, customer’s information forms. Easy and quick.

Let me show you guys the 3 easy steps to do it:

  1. Go to “Agents” in your widgets on account
  2. Add on the form the information you want to know about your customer when they set a booking with you (name, phone number, email, business site)
  3. Set up your timings in “Edit booking” (how much the meeting you want it to last, break times, how many meetings you accept per day, which days, time zone, etc)

And that’s it!

✨Start saving time and work using bookings on

Improve your WhatsApp Business Communication with Bookings adding this tool in your WhatsApp Widget button on your site. Get all the benefits:

  1. Custom your form (Easy forms to create on your site)
  2. Instant bookings with your customer’s info
  3. Organizer and planner for your calendar – Keep track of all your meetings, appointments and reservations
  4. Also keep track of all your leads customers and their essential information in one place

If you have any doubts, check out our explaining video of how to set up your bookings step by step:

Set up your bookings step by step

Also don’t miss out on our new other feature called: CAMPAIGNS🚀

Campaigns tool is an amazing feature that you can have in your account to create customise campaigns (Cyber Monday, Christmas, Summer Sales…), upload your audience and reach out to multiple customers in just one click. You can create more sales and engagement with your customers and automate the whole communication to retain and reach out a wider audience.

Check our explaining video about campaigns tool here:

Create your campaign 3 easy steps
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