What is the Drupal WhatsApp Button and how does it work?

This module provides a customised messaging link widget that integrates a personalised messaging link for the WhatsApp service with the Key module.

Growing your Drupal sales and improving customer engagement couldn’t be more convenient using WhatsApp. With our native Drupal integration, you can quickly add the bot to your Drupal shop to serve your existing website users 24 hours a day. Its real-time live chat feature provides instant assistance to customers helping them make informed buying decisions via WhatsApp.

Benefits of having Drupal WhatsApp Button:

How is this Multi-platform Deployment?

The bot can be easily implemented on your website and even on Facebook. You can also run SMS campaigns to advertise your local shop on a large level. HybridChat helps you build customers across a variety of platforms with facility. The chatbot’s engaging design captures the attention across a variety of platforms with facility. The chatbot’s engaging design captures the attention of your customers while also enhancing the aesthetics of your web store.

Help users explore categories and products in innovative ways

Make it easy for customers to explore products categories, search for specific products and read FAQs about products through chatbots. Offer your users a delightful shopping experience through simple conversations. You can also display your latest offers in the same window.

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Compliant With WhatsApp

It can be a daunting task to set up a new messenger when you already have multiple apps. HybridChat understands this and that’s why it’s designed to be integrated with the app you already use and love, WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp

  • Speedy and easy approval of your WhatsApp Business Account.
  • The most affordable and convenient access to WhatsApp API.
  • Get your phone number connected and activated with WhatsApp.
  • Integrate your Business Account and start to target and engage visitors.

Upgrade your Drupal shop with such features as

  • Shopping Bot

Answer FAQs, get information about the status of customer orders in Messenger straight away

  • Checkout Cart Abandonment

Live chat provides customers with the right support to continue the checkout process, thus reducing cart abandonment significantly.

  • Updating Orders

Handle returns, update order status and, in addition, transfer the matter to the human agents.

How to create Drupal WhatsApp Button

  1. If your site is managed via Composer, use Composer to download the WhatsApp module running composer require ‘Drupal/WhatsApp:1.0’. Otherwise copy/upload the WhatsApp module to the modules directory of your Drupal installation.
  2. Enable the ‘WhatsApp’ module ‘Extend’. (/admin/modules)
  3. Go to admin/config/services/whatsapp and choose a widget key provided by Chatwith.io.
  4. If you have not registered any keys yet, got to admin/config/systems/keys and add a new one.
  5. Once you have done this you can enable the widget by adding a WhatsApp block in the layout.
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