The Easter holidays are coming!

With the Holy Week comes the spring and lilac decorations of the workplaces… Many shops and restaurants, offices and shops wear their festive Easter designs.

WhatsApp Widget for Celebration 🎉

Update your online store with ideas and trends based to this Christian holiday.

Easter Day preparations

WhatsApp Widget for Easter Day, this year we try to prepare your online shopping of your store with a decorated little cute WhatsApp Widget. > widget settings

Visit > Click the Widgets > Add widget > Start design your next EASTER VERSION WIDGET

Widget settings @

Select a photo from the gallery below 👇

Set a business logo, or upload an easter image on banner section or a background photo.

Decorate your Widget with specially designed images and captions for Easter!

  • Birds, 🐣
  • Nests,
  • Bunnies with Easter colourful eggs 🥚

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