All around the world, new businesses are starting to see WhatsApp as more than just a messaging app, and are starting to incorporate the app as a part of their business, and using it for their CRM strategy.

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Vellary Clary Velly, Beauty, cosmetic & personal care

Design agency logo and Website

Great design agency in Malaysia using our WhatsApp Widget. Web Design Murah. This website is using Mobirise CMS.

This is the case in Malaysia too, and if we take a look at some of the biggest cities in Malaysia, we are for sure going to find someone who are using WhatsApp business, or just WhatsApp in general for their business.

Here you can see the difference between using WhatsApp business, and regular WhatsApp for your business. 👇

The benefits of WhatsApp Business

Businesses that use WhatsApp

These are some of the businesses in the big citites of malaysia, who are using WhatsApp! 👇

Kuala Lumpur Hair dressers

Hair Garage Studio
Hairover Salon @ Tropicana Gardens Mall
The Hairdresser Studio
Eazen Hair Dressing
City Stylist Hair Cut
J.Cuts Hair Studio –

These are all some very skilled businesses, who all use WhatsApp as a form of contact for their business. But by creating a landing page for their WhatsApp, like the one we did, they can further improve their online presence. 👏

This is an example of the link to the landing page you see above, which takes the visitor to a customized WhatsApp landing page for the business, which can be created and designed by the business.

From here, you can add links to other media such as Twitter or Facebook, or go straight to a WhatsApp conversation with the business. 📲

This is a great way of creating a nice looking landing page for your customers, and try to differentiate yourself from your customers, while you are using your WhatsApp link to reach more customers! 😍

Want to know more about your WhatsApp link? Then have a look here. 👈

Create polls

Creating and sharing polls is a great way to keep your customers engage with your business, finding out important and valuable knowledge or learn more about them. 📊

Thanks to, you can now both create polls, surveys and quiz for your business, just like the ones you see above! These are very easy to share via WhatsApp, so if you have your target group on WhatsApp, this is a fast and easy way to collect the information you need!

Create your polls at today!

Here is how you create your polls! 👇

  • Log in at ✅
  • Go to “polls” ✅
  • Press “create your own poll now” ✅
  • Fill out the questions and answers ✅
  • Fill out the criteria for your poll (time, name and so on) ✅

When this is done, you are ready to publish and share your poll!
Create your own polls!

If you have any questions, please let us know, we are here to help! 🙏

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