Here are some templates with text formatted, for several different businesses which following various e-commerce strategies to attract customers. We offer some free to use texts for copy and paste to help businesses that attract customers daily through WhatsApp.


How to START contacting with a new customer via your WhatsApp Link.


Hello, welcome to the professional site of (COMPANY NAME), following a few questions to serve you better. 

1.Looking for women or men stuff? Looking for a gift? YES/NO.


If you are looking for clothes for you, choose your gender, female/male/NoGender. Looking for a gift? YES/NO.

2.How old are you? …

And the answers to these questions will help you show the best clothing choices and offers on the site.

Here send your suggested options, catalogs, pictures and promotions.

Order Confirmation


Dear customer, your order is being processed and prepared for shipment. We will send you a new message with the exact details of your purchase. 

Stay tuned, with appreciation (company name)

After the end of the order

Checkout οf order

hello (customer name),

Your order on (company name) with number (number) is now complete.

We would like to thank you for choosing our company for your online order. It would be especially important for us if and if you were satisfied with our recent collaboration to give us an evaluation on the store page (website).

Thank you very much! (company logo).

To recover orders for a cloth e-shop

Good morning, I hope you are well, we were informed that you want to change the clothes you ordered from our online store. We would like to set you some questions to confirm the reason for the returns.

Was the number smaller or larger?

Were the clothes you ordered? YES/NO.

If the reason is different, please write to us. What is wrong with the order? ………………………….. 

Now give us some time to process the information you sent us. A sales responsible person will respond to you after you send the message.


(After that, a human representative continues to talk with the customer, the sales person will resolve issues and be happy after the recovery ends. )

Welcome message for a restaurant WhatsApp Number Link with a Special promotion 🍝

Welcome to our restaurant. We are glad, for choosing our online service to enjoy your meal.How can we serve you? 

Do you want to make an appointment for dinner tonight? Yes/No

When do you want to book? ……. (date and time)

If you book your dinner at (restaurant name) through whatsapp NOW, you have a one-time 10% off discount on your account.

Yes, I want to book now! 

Coupon of discount with a unique number.

Welcome messages for an cosmetic online store with promotions🛍


1.(Brand name) summer sales up to -50% for all beauty series products!

Hi there! Do not forget during your vacation to be provided with the best sunscreens of the market at prices below cost.

Welcome, I think it’s time to get your perfect lipstick [product] or what else? ~

2.Last discount days! Only 4 days left! 

 ✅(lipstick1) from 18,89e -> 12,32

💄(lipstic2) from 28,94 -> 17, 98

👁(mascara extra volume) from 28,99 -> 18,99 

and thousands more brands. (catalog!)

❤️‍🔥Catch extra branded perfumes with incredibly low prices and hot offers! (send an electronic leaflet with a few offers as a link)

Place your order right now through our online store or call us here! 

(Brand) the sales are on!

After purchase from a cosmetic e-commerce

Formed a after purchase message to make the customer come back again and make a new purchase soon.


Take 15% off your next purchase 

Thank you very much for choosing our (company), and now it is official. You’re now a (company name) part of our deal-loving family!

We would love to cooperate with you, subscribe to our newsletter for more discount offers to your inbox. (registration form)

Just add your contacts and let’s get a disco night started with a -15% discount coupon for your next purchase. The discount coupon can be redeemed within the next 60 days ***

With full pleasure (brand name)!

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