First you need to define who is your customer and where is he in your selling process.

There are two main aspects of your marketing messages. Inbound or outbound. Inbound means the customer contacts you, outbound means you contact the customer.

Inbound Marketing

This is the best marketing. The customer finds you and he or she starts the conversation in WhatsApp.

SEO, Ads, etc… The customer find your offering and he / she decides to start a conversation to learn more. This is the best way to sell your product or services.

When the user starts the conversation, it is very important to open the conversation and extract as much content as you can.

We recommend to use some type of form before going to WhatsApp. When we say FORM we recommend to use them not to capture personal data, but to capture information about their request.

Use this Google Slides for more information about inbound and outbound WhatsApp Templates

Ask for Location

If your business is local and for you delivery or where the user is located, you need that information ASAP. So reply to the user about its enquiry and move fast about location.

  • Do you mind sharing where do you live? Or your zip code? (sometimes users are sceptical about sharing personal information, so make it easy for them to give you enough information for you to manage the order).
  • Country information. From the phone number of your user you can check where they live, we also give you country and city information about your user. You can also block the widget by country so you only receive the proper leads.

Ask for personal information

This is tricky and you need to be smart about this to make the conversation flow towards your goals.

  • Is this a present for yourself or you wife? (this is a very nice way to understand who is your client). Open questions will help you open the conversation.
  • Great choice. Do you want to add something else for yourself?
  • This is a very good option for runners, do you like biking too?
  • This course is designed for basic level students? Do you think this is good for you or you may consider a more advanced training? We can do a quick test if you have a few minutes.

Your goal is to open the conversation without being too personal or too direct. You need to make the questions open enough to engage with your client.

Qualify your client? Is this the perfect customer?

Reply to the question s/he starts the conversation with, but move fast to qualification questions.

  • Do you have more than 1 kid?
  • Do you have more than one dog?
  • How many trips you normally do per day?

Try to ask your qualification questions soon so you can continue with your customer. If you think s/he is not the right person, try to move out ASAP. You do not want to waste time with a client who is not the right one.

You can add these questions in the FAQs or FORMs before jumping to WhatsApp.

Upselling and order bump checkout

Once you have a potential customer and you have the sell pretty much done, add an “order bump”, like

  • Do you know you can have a second pair for just 20$
  • Do you know you can add insurance for 10 year for just 30$
  • Order an extra pair and you can have a 20% off

Ask for NPS and reviews

This is very important for any business. Just ask your customers to review your sales team in every interaction. You can add an NPS at the end of every conversation in a quick reply.

Share a coupon for your next order

The same here, you need to add a quick reply with coupons and promotions for next orders. Make it easy for your WhatsApp sales agents to share coupons with your customers. You need to make them repeat and come back. So prepare your coupons and tools to make your customer come back. This can be in a weekly bases, monthly bases, daily bases… It is not important the frequency, every business is different and your sales cycle can be shorter or longer, the key is to make your customer come back.

Outbound Marketing

You have a customer and you want to start a conversation. A reminder, a renewal, upselling, etc…

Template 1 Discount WhatsApp message to attract customers, gym or studio

If you have a customer list of clients who did not renew your membership, maybe is a good idea to send a campaign about how they are doing. Every year you have the opportunity to check on their status and check with them how they are. Just be honest and create your campaign asking about their health status. Share some insights and open the conversation.

Template 1 for outbound WhatsApp marketing

Hey Thomas, hope all is going well. We have seen some back issues with some clients and will be great to know how you are doing. Please, share your status with us… we have some new programs we want to share with you.

In an SMS or EMAIL campaign you can be brutal and just launch a direct message for them. You can use a direct message of the type:

😌 All personal training sessions are 30% off THIS WEEK ONLY. Go to our website and get your coupon now!

Template 2 for outbound Discount offer WhatsApp message sample for retail

With WhatsApp we need to create a conversation. We need to send questions to start the conversation and help our client.

Hi Martin, your wife’s birthday is coming in two weeks. Do you need help with the present?

SMS is very direct and upfront

Need a gift ASAP? Our gift cards are 10% off today through Friday, in-store and online. Drew – Seattle’s Best Restaurant –Text STOP to unsubscribe

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