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Make your purchases from Habanabell online now! The online store includes face and body care items. The company Habanabell also has branded perfume lines and you can choose from a wide range of the best perfume for you and your favorite person!

On the Habanabell, you can create your profile, if you are a new page visitor and make your purchases, adding your purchases to the product basket.

🎀What makes Habanabell special?

Many elements give the Habanabell website a special note and make it stand out.

Some special advantages of Habanabell are: 

  • Includes a wide variety of face and body care. You can choose from a wide range of products!
  • It has products for gifts or personal items for women and men!
  • On very low prices (shock)🤑
  • And to make sure you want to make your purchase, you can visit one of the many stores up close and try out the products you liked online.

🤩But the most valuable advantage is the last one!

  • The page is connected to the services of WhatsApp, that is, from the company’s WhatsApp Link helps its online customers to make their purchases easier!!

Moreover, as you have seen, using the WhatsApp Link tool during the purchase phase is simple and basically free.

Habanabell contact info :

Why is it so important to sell via WhatsApp?

People use WhatsApp to communicate daily with friends and family, spending more time chatting than they do on their Facebook or Instagram profiles. So, having your company platform in the application, with so many users is in itself a powerful marketing tool. 

The WhatsApp Business tool helps businesses to develop e-commerce with tactics. You don’t need special skills to start using it. But this extended WhatsApp form is available for business within the messaging platform. More properties are to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages, and schedule the hours you will receive your customers’ messages, depending on the opening hours of your store.

Customers will constantly have to ask questions. It is in their nature to want to know EVERYTHING about the product they are interested in buying and bombard us with questions. And if we do not serve them almost immediately they get discouraged and leave. In the Habanabell online store, you will find this special feature, at the right bottom of the webpage, a WhatsApp Widget that by clicking it chats live and directly with the seller! One seller is online and available to ask any question you have! 

Helps you coordinate responses and conversations with customers. Only WhatsApp Business will not be useful if you have your own business on WhatsApp, using our tools help you manage the volume of messages from different customers and book them according to their needs and priorities. 

By creating your profile on we will give you tips on how to manage your e-commerce and customers(!) and how to develop your business!

Most of our services are free, you can upgrade to a premium account for $ 20 / year. And get all the benefits of an online Business!!!

We are at your disposal for any questions. The team of the company and

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