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In the past, the education market was financed by the government and was perceived as a purely bureaucratic group of institutions. Now, it is perceived as any other business and people expect to have a good user and customer experience. Your marketing strategies have become much more competitive and complex, having to adapt to new trends and ways of managing your brand. They have to be much more aware of their target at all times and find them in their “habitat”. And their habitat is in digital media, especially in social networks and messaging applications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, We Chat and others).

It doesn’t matter if your key demographic includes students, parents, or even guardians. Most people use messaging apps, regardless of their age. With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most used, especially if you are working with an international audience, they most likely have a WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp is more personal and user-friendly communication platform, and is ideal for any type of business, but especially for schools and educational institutions.

But, how the use of WhatsApp will benefit my school or institute? Here we will show you some of the key benefits of implementing this application in your educational marketing strategy:

1.Great Generation of Leads

People are used to receiving marketing messages all the time, through promotional emails or advertisements on social media. But they seek more, they look for human connections in a much more personalized way and they want a personal conversation with a real person. That is why they prefer a conversation through a messaging application, such as WhatsApp, when they contact a school.

The intimacy and convenience of this channel will attract many more potential customers to your business. By redirecting them to WhatsApp, you will have your client’s phone number and the possibility to contact him at any time. You can nurture your leads in a more natural way and create a special bond, which can help you close more deals.

This is really valuable in the education industry, where you are trying to sell a service that will change a person’s life personally and professionally. The client must trust and be sure of their choice and, as an educational institution, you must pass it on. You must show your key competitive advantages and what better way to do that than through a personal conversation with your prospects.

2. Make Yourself Available

Offering a communication channel that is so common to your audience is a great way to offer them the best customer service. The messages allow you to have direct communication in real time and is an excellent way to find out the interests and concerns of your audience. The service you provide will be much more personalized to the needs of your client and they will be much more willing to listen. Providing a WhatsApp phone number to get in touch gives them a sense of security and trust. This will make you available at all times in a good way.

3. Increase Engagement

WhatsApp conveys credibility and a personalized experience, making it a great place to reach your target. You can keep in touch with them, send regular updates on events, offers, news, and keep their interest in your institution. You can send each client the information that interests them. This can range from course types, levels, fees and payment methods, events, and more.

Texting is a much more effective form of interaction because users are comfortable with it. They trust that they are talking to a real specific person, and not just anyone from the school. This will increase the response rate and the interest they take at your institute.

4. Increase Customer loyalty

Education industry, like any other business, must have a marketing strategy that increases customer loyalty. The key here is the perception that the customer has of your brand, specifically from the point of view of the user or buyer, that is, the student / parent / guardian. This perceived quality will be determined by the customer’s experience. If you show yourself as an open business and available to them at all times, the perceived quality will increase. And if you do, the loyalty value will certainly increase.

By implementing WhatsApp in your strategy and frequent communication channels, you provide a totally personalized service. Your target audience will perceive it and trust your brand. Trust and loyalty are highly subjective variables, but they are the most powerful.

5. Automated Messages

Automating WhatsApp messages can save for the scholastic community a lot of time. Many communications can be sent automatically.

  • Inform the educational community of announcements related to the institution such as new available courses or updates.
  • Send announcements, notices, and information from a specific teacher or class to your group, etc.
  • Reminders and notifications.
  • Automatic messages for specific inquiries.

The use of instant messaging is developing in universities to increase enrollment and retain students.

In addition, students’ problems and doubts are resolved without having to go to the institution or wait for them to answer the phone.

For example, administrative issues such as registration hours. Locate a teacher, justify absences, locate certain services of the institution, etc.

This brings great benefits to the educational institution, since it avoids the collapse of calls or the saturation of physical spaces where students go for administrative and pedagogical reasons.

Accordingly, it’s clear that marketing text messaging is here to stay, its incorporation into your educational communication plan is unavoidable. These are some of the many benefits of implementing WhatsApp in your school, university or institute. By using messaging applications, you can improve your customer experience and generate greater engagement and accessibility.

If you have more questions about how you can implement WhatsApp in your business and what is the most efficient alternative for you, we are here – – to answer all your questions and help you with whatever you need.

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