How to Create WhatsApp Link for Yoga Teachers

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Are you a yoga trainer and want to communicate easily with your yogini apprentices? We have you the BEST solution ever.

Network as a yoga mentor on WhatsApp!


  • Create your WhatsApp Link use your number phone (type it) with your country code.
  • Next, add your name or your business name.
  • And a welcome or greeting message for your clients.

Visit our webpage and create your WhatsApp link for free.

Follow the excellent example of David Zaballa, a yoga and personal trainer from Bilbao. He creates his own WhatsApp Link (here is the link) and he increases his connections and classmates.

Keep calm and keep training.”

  • Visit his profile and start your own training program.

Why do you need a link to WhatsApp?

You can share this link with your audience and training members when they interact with your digital assets. Create a phone link and post it to your webpage and engage with your customers to take the effort and talk to you immediately from WhatsApp. No “contact me” forms to fill or emails to write. The user clicking the WhatsApp link doesn’t even have to save your number, merely add these links across your platforms and talk to your clients in real-time. After all, they click the link and get chatting so simple. 

7 Benefits of using a WhatsApp Link:

  • The WhatsApp Application is totally free to use, like a chatting platform. You have to download it and using by adding only your phone number.
  • Make calls and video calls, sending messages so easy and free to use.
  • Lay a predefined message for your coached teammates, and another for your new customers to reach out to you with.
  • You use websites and images for ads and emails and you need to get more contacts.
  • A WhatsApp Chat Link can help you collect your customers’ phone numbers, then create a group of your yoga classmates and send there the schedule, newsletters, and special yoga Infos.
  • You can share your link on Social Media, just copy this link on their Instagram bio, Facebook profile, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube channel/videos, or simply on their posts that call to action, users get many advantages of connecting their WhatsApp to their social networks.
  • Make your marketing and customer support functions more fluid, only using this link to every platform and every kind of your page. The results come rapidly and your sales increase.

For more videos, Click to Chat – Link to WhatsApp, ChatWith‘s WhatsApp Youtube page, and prepare demos.

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