Are you thinking of ways to sell your jewellery more easily? We provide you with the perfect solution. With services, your clients can use WhatsApp to communicate with your company with just one click.

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How to create your link to WhatsApp

First, add leads to your WhatsApp account. Find out Instagram channels, Youtube comments, jewellery channels, and other places to find leads. In those locations, share your ChatWith link directly.

You can create your free link to WhatsApp with our tool (

Once you create our account (which just takes <1 minute) you can manage your links, edit, delete and add as many as you want that link to your unique phone number.

Create your WhatsApp link to sell in Instagram, Twitter

Our newly released version allows you to control your links and configure specific links for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and even your email signature. We will provide you with statistics on your links so that you can track the performance of your links on different channels.

If you add more and more contacts to your WhatsApp, you must move on to WhatsApp Business. It is very important to have a professional and useful tool to manage all your incoming messages. WhatsApp Business has the tools to manage a pipeline, create catalogs and automated responses.

Quick Replies is a free tool to create predefined messages for your company. Quick Replies will help you create a blueprint for your sales processes.

This is very important. You cannot add new customers every day to your WhatsApp channel without a process to sell your service to them.

So, build your sales and dialogue model before you start getting new customers. Otherwise, you will have contacts but no sales.

We can help you with that too, contact us via our WhatsApp widget on the bottom-right of this webpage.

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