Diez (molestas) cosas que deberíamos dejar de hacer en WhatsApp en 2020 | Tecnología

Why should you download WhatsApp in 2020?

WhatsApp is currently the #1 communicator in the world, with over 2 bilion people using it on a monthly basis. There are many cons of this popular messaging App, in this article we ll try to name a few, to convince to start using WhatsApp.


-It offers unlimited real time messaging, completely for FREE, also internationaly

-It works or any phone as well as computer operating systems, click here if you want to know how to download WhatsApp for PC.

-There are many features included apart from messaging, like calls, videocalls, group messaging etc.

-WhatsApp has its FREE app version for firms called WhatsApp Business, read more about it here

-There are no Ads

-It’s quick and easy to download and install

-You can share location

How to make the most of WhatsApp

If you have a website, just install a WhatsApp Widget, which will redicrect your clients to a conversation with you, by solely one click. If you happen to lack a webiste at the moment, but you operate from Facebook or Instagram you can include a  FREE Link to your WhatsApp in the bio section. These will ensure your customer can reach you very easily whenever he needs to do so.


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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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