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Similar to LinkTree that we mentioned before, Link Genie is also a useful social media bio link tool for combining all favorite pages into one easy sharable brandable link. You can add it to your Instagram or other social media bio link area.

link genie links

Instagram only lets you add one link on your bio. So if you have many platforms that you would like to link, simply create your Link Genie account and add, edit or schedule any set of links. Link Genie also tracks each click so you’ll know how many of your users click through each link.

You can add any type of link on your Link Genie such as your WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, Intagram, TikTok, website, online shop, Linkedin etc. This solution helps grow your social net worth publishing all your favorite pages’ link. Your users from all your social platforms can be following you on each platform.

Link Genie offers two types of account; basic and pro that you can get for 5 dollars per month.

link genie basic pro

Link Genie and WhatsApp Link

link genie add new link


You can add your WhatsApp link on your Link Genie profile so that your users that click can create a real time and direct contact with you on WhatApp. For that, you should first create your short WhatsApp link with our free tool by adding your phone number including your country code. Then you can copy the generated link and paste it on your Link Genie url area. Here, you should define a Title fo your link (e.g. WhatsApp Me, Official Twitter, Website) that will appear on your list of links.


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