More and more websites using our free solution to add WhatsApp widget to ECWID Websites.

New shop sing ECWID and WhatsApp

New website using ECWID and WhatsApp

Pesan sarung jok tanpa ribet. Tinggal klik, kami datang ke rumah Anda, pasang, selesai!

Yelo MX

Another ECWID website using WhatsApp Widget

Lentes solares y accesorios. Contacto con WhatsApp.

Sobe Styles

Distributors of premium beauty products for the modern day fashionista.

All That Classy Jewelry Store

Jewelry store that sells timeless, trendy and classy pieces that will accentuate and elevate your entire look.

Contact with All That’s Classy with WhatsApp.

CTB’s Distance Learning Centre

Contact with this Learning Centre

@ecwid + #whatsapp widget
View this website using our WhatsApp Widget

Create your own WhatsApp widget and use it with ECWID

More sales with your WhatsApp Widget in ECWID.

You can add your WhatsApp Widget to your ECWID store.

How to add WhatsApp Widget to ECWID

  1. Create your WhatsApp Widget using our tool.
  2. Go to your ECWID account and look for the SEO section inside the Website Section.
  3. Open the control panel.
  4. Add the code we generate for your site in the SEO BOX. This will load the script in your website.

Once you save, you will see the widget on our Website.

The design of the widget for your ECWID website

You can add a full featured widget with agents and timezones.

Or you can add a simple WhatsApp Button to your store to open WhatsApp.

ECWID has fantastic support.

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