Hotmart is one of the best options to get payments in South America.

In this article, we talk about the different payment methods via WhatsApp by countries and how to use them. Payment on WhatsApp makes it easy for your clients to purchase your products and get answers to their questions in the most used messaging channel – WhatsApp.

For our users in Spain, we will soon launch our own solution so that you can realize and receive payments through WhatsApp. This solution will save you time letting your clients pay you in a secure way without having to leave the conversation.


For the users in Turkey. Paymes is a shopping system that lets you sell your products or make secure purchases via WhatsApp easily as if texting a friend.

How does it work?
  • Without downloading any apps, you can connect to from anywhere with an internet connection and sign in using your phone number. It’s just like texting!
  • With Paymes, once you add the product/service photo with a short description and the price, you can create your product link in 20 seconds.
  • You will be asked for IBAN information so that you can receive payment.
  • After sending the payment link to the buyer, once the buyer enters their credit card information, the payment is completed, and you can deliver the product/service to the buyer.
  • The payments of all sales completed by 24:00 on Wednesday are sent to the registered IBAN/bank account on Thursday every week.

You can also receive payments in Dollar or Euro from anywhere in the world!

Brasil & India

Naming together those 2 countries under the same category would not make sense unless they are the only ones to have Facebook Pay launched in, that can be used for payments in WhatsApp.

The service of WhatsApp Pay offers the users sending and receiving money right where they chat, with no fee.

How does it work?
  • Download WhatsApp Business app
  • Go to Payment and add Facebook Pay from the services breakdown
  • Choose the “Get paid for a sale” option and set up a new seller account entering yout business details
  • Enter your bank details and verify your account. It takes up to 3 business days before you can accept payments.
  • Once you have your account set-up, you can send money directly through chat by tapping on the share file icon in the chat bar and selecting ‘payment’.

In the case of India, WhatsApp introduced QR code for its payments service. Each WhatsApp Pay user has a unique QR code which users can scan and send money.

United Arab Emirates

The Foloosi application lets the users in UAE get paid in SMS, email or chat with foloosi payment links. The payment link integrates directly into your business and is simple to use.

To use this payment solution it is not necessary to have any website/ app for selling. You can make your customers pay online just by sending payment links.

How does it work?
  • Create a payment link using customer’s name, amount, phone number, email
  • Share the payment link via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and now the customer can pay using credit/debit card. You get a notification once the payment is completed.

As a business owner in UAE, you can the join the Foloosi Business via:

South Africa

The users in South Africa can make and receive online payments via Yoco that offers 4 ways of payment: Payment Request, Payment Page, Gift Vouchers and Payment Gateway.

How does it work?

Here we are explaining the steps of how to request a payment on email or WhatsApp;

  • Create a sale in your Yoco App.
  • Choose Payment Request.
  • Send the Request via WhatsApp, email or SMS.
  • Get paid safely with 3D Secure in 1-2 days.
  • Receive an automatic payment notification while your customer is sent a receipt.

Every sale you make, through Payment Request on Yoco is all recorded in your Business Portal.


Tap2pay is a Polish company which enables you to sell and pay via whatsapp. What they offer additionally is as follows:

  • Selling a product without annoying registration forms: Customers’ demographics are saved on Tap2Pay’s dashboard. You can manage your payment method and shipping address.
  • Communicate with customers by Tap2Pay chat: All your communications supported by Tap2Pay chat integrated within Facebook Messenger. Fast and profitable
  • Accept Payments: Start accepting payments instantly with Tap2Pay for selling digital or physical goods/services
  • Get detailed analytics about your customers: Get insights about your payment auditory and target ads
How does it work?

For further details about how it works for merchants:


GOMOBI. Go cashless with EZYLINK – Simply send a checkout page to your customer. They fill in the details to complete your payment.

What are the benefits of EZYLINK:

  • International payments, sell to customers anywhere in the world
  • Cost effectiveness, no monthly subscription charges, just a small one-time set up fee
  • Quick onboarding, you can start accepting payments in no time. Fastest on the market.
  • Next day settlement, no need to wait, we credit the cash in your bank the next day
  • Anybody can apply, Individual clients without registered business can also apply
How does it work?

For the details:


Tikkie is a payment request app for everyone. It enables you to send payment requests via Whatsapp. They already have 6 milion users. All you need to be able to use it is a dutch bank account and the app itself.

How does it work?

Creating a payment request is easy. Enter the amount and what it’s for, then share the payment link via WhatsApp.

Pros of Tikkie:

  • 50% of Tikkie’s are paid within 30 minutes
  • 85% of the requests are completed within a day
  • It’s free


Belgium Bank Belfius offers a payment feauture that allows users to make P2P payments through WhatsApp. This can be accessed through Belfius’ mobile app. This new function within the app enables customers to generate a payment request either directly from the start screen via the ‘receive money’ button or from any given transaction in the account or credit card history. They can send their payment requests simultaneously to several people and so for instance split their last restaurant bill among friends.

Belgium Bank Belfius Adds Pay Through Facebook and Whatsapp ...

France & Germany

Lyra is a globally present online payment provider . Lyra offers a simple yet innovative solution which uses WhatsApp Messenger to collect digital payments. With a direct partnership for payments with WhatsApp, Lyra’s main objective is to deliver a simple to use product. This feature reduces the time taken to complete the end to end process for both merchants and customers. The customer will get personalized user experience using WhatsApp for payments, which will align with the evolution of mobile-based consumer behaviour. Lyra WhatsApp Payment Solution eliminates the need for downloading apps especially for making payments or transfers and offers personalized user experience.

  • Quick on-boarding with no additional cost
  • Multiple payment options
  • Customization of the payment messages
  • Send bulk payment orders via specially designed API
  • Dashboard for a clear overview of all transactions.
  • Day to day auto generated reports for transactions
  • Fraud detection and Chargeback handling
How does it work?

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