Follow up WhatsApp Message – Template

Follow up messages are a good way to try to ignite conversation with less receptive clienrs/ customers, sometimes people don’t want to talk to you and it’s fine, but it’s also good to give it a second try because many of us nowadays live very fast paced live and it’s extremely easy to miss a message so somebody could simply read it but didn’t have time to reply and after they simply forgot to.

Examples of follow up messages

WhatsApp 1: send after 3 days from first WhatsApp

Hey {{first_name}} – If you need any explanation regarding the last message please let me know.

Hope to here from you soon,

Kind regards,


WhatsApp 2: send after 3 days from first WhatsApp

Hey {{first_name}} — did you have a chance to see my last whatsapp?

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Do let me know if this is useful for you, thanks!



WhatsApp 3: send after 5 days from first WhatsApp

Hi {{first_name}} — Sorry to have bothered you, this looks like something you aren’t interested in, I’ll stop messaging.