We want to share One big update for our ‎WhatsApp link Generator.

Starting today you can create your own business profile and your landing page.

Business profile for your WhatsApp Link

With your business profile we can include your company in our directory, that way more customers can find you and contact you.

In our directory customers can look for companies like yours, electrician, coach, moving companies, teachers, any service is available in our directory. Update your profile and you will have more visibility for your business. Your WhatsApp link will be the tool to engage with your customers.

Landing page for WhatsApp Link

Also you can create a landing page. The landing page will feature an image and a text. The main element in this landing page will be your ‎WhatsApp link. We want to focus on conversations. We want users and customers to contact you and start a conversation.

These tools are available with your account. Login and start using new tools to have a more compelling online presence.

WhatsApp is the ultimate marketplace. Chat with is the link to bring customers to your WhatsApp channel.

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César Martín (ToChat.be)

By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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