How do you create a link to a WhatsApp Number?

The best option is to use our free tool to create a link to WhatsApp. This is a free tool you can use anytime.

You can use the method, but your number will be visible in the link.

Do I need to add the country code to the WhatsApp Link?

Yes, when you create your WhatsApp link always add your country code. This is very important. If you do not add your country code, the link will not work.

Country code in Malaysia: 60

Country code in India: 91

Country code in India: 57

Can I track who clicks in the WhatsApp link?

Yes, we offer the best tracking service for your WhatsApp Link. You will have real time stats about your WhatsApp Link.

Can I change the design of the link for WhatsApp Link?

Yes, you can customize the design and elements of your WhatsApp Widget and WhatsApp Link. You can use CSS to create your own custom design.

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