If you need to close appointments with WhastApp you can use our service to create a landing page to close your appointments.

WhatsApp appointments is designed to manage appointments. We say this because it has been designed to work with hourly reservations. In fact, you can configure different calendars by employee, service and location.

It has extensive notification options: it informs about the reservation to the client (pending / confirmed / canceled …), it also informs the employee (who can confirm or reject it by clicking on a link) and you can also configure notifications for admin user lists. These emails are fully customizable, from the subject to the content (including the reservation information that you think is necessary).

The bad? It does not include integration with PayPal, Google Calendar or WooCommerce by default, although you can download an add-on (for a fee) if you are interested.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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