If you have a really active channel with Instagram and you have more than 10 – 20 messages per day, you should consider using an application to manage your messages and be able to track and assign messages to the proper agent.

How to have multiple agents working on your Instagram Channel

Instagram is a great communication platform to reach your customers. But if you do it right you may end up with an overflow of messages, leads, prospects and requests. You need to create a funnel for your customers and you need to have different agents to manage all incoming messages.

To do that and still be able to respond inside Instagram, you need to use CallBell.eu
CallBell.eu is a free / premium chat widget that will help you to engage with your customers using Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Can I use CallBell for free

CallBell is a great platform to engage with your users. You can create an account and connect all your platforms. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Once it is done you will receive all your messages in one central App or if you want, you can use the WebApp. All your messages will be integrated in one place.

Then you can add multiple agents. If your team is growing, you can add multiple agents and distribute incoming messages to specific agents. You will be able to add rules so you can define some automation for your messages.

This is a great platform once your business is growing.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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