If you want to add your products to WhatsApp Business Catalog, follow these easy steps.

Create your WhatsApp Catalog with WhatAForm

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1. Go to Business Settings > Catalog.

You need to have WhatsApp Business in your Cell Phone. You only can create and update your catalog from your WhatsApp Business Application in your cellphone. These catalogs are not suit for large companies with thousands of products. This is a tool for Small companies with some products they want to share with their customers.

2. Add your product information.

You can add the following fields.
– Name of your product. Try to use up to 35 characters to have a full name in the preview. If you have more characters the name will be truncated.
– Price. Is optional. You can leave it blank, or 0,00
– Description of your product.
– URL. This is important. Add a URL to your website so customers can buy. Another option is to add a PayPal link so your customers can pay.
– SKU. This is the number of your product in the catalog. It is good to have a reference so you can cross the number in your catalog.

3. Your products are ready to share.

The photo format for the preview should be 965x956px. If you need help with the photos, contact us.

4. Click the + sign and choose Catalog to share your products.

Now you can share your products with your customers. This is a great way to accelerate sales with your customers sharing your products with them.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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