If you want to create a cool landing page with a link to WhatsApp and a PayPal button, this is the best solution you can find.

We have create a WhatsApp group to guide you and help you with the setup of your PayPal account.


How to add PayPal to your WhatsApp Quick replies

WhatsApp is the best channel to communicate with your customers.
Paypal enables payments on the go.
You can create a link to your Paypal account and start charging your customers.

Also, if you are using WhatsApp Business you can create Quick Replies with a link to your Paypal Account and speed up payments inside your WhatsApp channel.

Start today.
– Create link to WhatsApp with our free tool.
– How to add WhatsApp to your website. Free WordPress plugin.
How to add WhatsApp to your Instagram account. Step by step guide.

How to have a URL from PayPal for your Website

PayPal allows you to create a URL to request payments.

1. To create your own URL you need to go to your PayPal account:

2. Create your PayPal URL. You can share this URL with anyone to request a Payment.

Here you can view a preview of this feature in this landing page with PayPal.

Add Paypal to your Free Landing Page with WhatsApp

Now we are offering the possibility to add a PayPal Button to your landing page. All these are free features.
You only need to add this option in the form to create your landing page.

This option will enable payments in your free landing page.

With this article, we hope to have answered your questions “Can you send money with WhatsApp, how to get a WhatsApp payment, is there an option to pay with paypal on whatsapp?”. If you have questions or want to learn more,  please contact us!

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