Account and contact management are positively impacted with the usage of WhatsApp Widget in your e-commerce website (PrestShop, Shopify, Magento) with the possibility to:

  • Identify instantly potential crossed opportunities in your customer base. The best way to scale up your revenue is to cross sell. You need to know who is buying what and make new offers to existing customers. They know you and they trust you already. Just make a new offer to your existing customers. WhatsApp is the best channel to reach them.
  • Keep consistent and updated information about each customer and contacts, avoiding duplications and different views of the same contact or account. Monitor all activities and interactions with each contact and account. It is very important to have the phone number of your customers in your system to cross the customer information in your CMS with your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Receive alerts regarding contract renewals and activities to be performed in programmed periods before the due dates. This is a very important step in any e-commerce. If your subscription is going to expire, you need to make an appealing offer to get those renewals.  WhatsApp again is the best channel to contacto with your customers.
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