Business cards are still a very common commercial element. The same as email or linkedin signatures. Having your profile with WhatsApp is essential and controlling and measuring it is essential to control your image and that of your company. The size of the QR should be more or less than 2 cm so that it has an adequate size. And always remember to test it before sending it to the printer.

Adding a QR code with WhatsApp to your business cards can be a great way to facilitate communication with your business contacts and offer them a quick and convenient way to contact you.

Here are some tips, ideas and best practices to do it:

  1. Use a reliable QR code generator: Use a reliable and secure QR code generator to create your QR code. Make sure the QR code links directly to your business or personal WhatsApp number. Our tool allows you to create the QR code for all the agents in your company, being able to clearly measure the activity and performance that each agent generates. Do you want more sales? Make your WhatsApp more accessible.
  1. Include clear instructions: Next to the QR code, add clear instructions so your contacts know how to use it. For example, you could write “Scan this QR code with your phone to contact me on WhatsApp.”
  1. Place the QR code in a visible place: Place the QR code in a prominent place on your business card, such as on the front or in the contact information section. This will make it easier for your contacts to find and scan it.
  1. Add a call to action: Accompany the QR code with a clear and direct call to action that encourages your contacts to contact you on WhatsApp. For example, you could add text that says, “Do you have any questions?” Contact me on WhatsApp for immediate help! You can customize this “welcome” message for each agent from our application. You can create messages by language, product or business area.
  1. Customize the design: Customize the design of the QR code to fit the style of your business cards. You can change the color and size of the QR code so that it blends perfectly with the overall design of the card.

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By following these tips and best practices, you can easily add a QR code with WhatsApp to your business cards and give your contacts a convenient way to communicate with you.

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