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Join host Nicolas Baillache as he interviews Cesar Martin, founder of Chatwith, a WhatsApp CRM company, about the opportunities and best practices for leveraging WhatsApp’s 2 billion users for business.

They discuss why WhatsApp is so popular internationally compared to the US, the viral network effects fueling its growth, and how its multimedia messaging capabilities create a rich environment for consumer engagement. Cesar explains the differences between WhatsApp’s versions for consumers, businesses, and larger companies.

He shares tips on respecting WhatsApp’s intimate, personal nature when marketing on the platform, why inbound marketing is best practice, and how to effectively use groups, events, and one-on-one messaging for promotions and sales. Listen to learn the exceptional open rates possible on WhatsApp compared to email.

Cesar also discusses how WhatsApp commerce is evolving with payments, automation, and potentially becoming a “super app.” He talks about the promising applications for B2B transactions, community building, and even in-store retail sales associate relationships.

Discover why WhatsApp is a must-have channel for export/import businesses and those selling digital goods globally. Learn more about how Cesar’s company Chatwith can help brands activate WhatsApp’s potential at scale.

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