I’m working for a property management company primarily doing short-term rentals (airbnb, booking, etc.).

We do most of our communication with guests by whatsapp. So far we used whatsapp business app, mostly sending a pre-arrival message asking guests their arrival time and if they need something special organized for them, and answering any of the guests inquiries. No marketing, no spamming.

Now we’re thinking of getting the API through one of the providers most likely.

As far as I know, the only way of starting a conversation is by templates, so is the process of getting the templates approved long?

Our biggest question is 24h countdown, and if it applies even when we initiate the conversation, because sometimes guests answer after few days.

Also, how long are messages stored and visible to us?

What are some other benefits which we don’t see at the moment?

Hi, just to be clear and to try to add some extra information:

What do you need to get Whatsapp API:

1. You need to be a company (is not for individuals or freelancers) 2. You need to have a verified FBM 3. You need to have a new phone number to verify your account under your company name



– We normally get them approved in a few hours. The more complex the template the more time it may get. But if you send a notification template, should be done in a few hours.

– You can generate templates in different languages so you can send the proper message to your customers.

– You can add variables in the template like {date} {apartment number} {name} {airport} etc… making the message unique.

– You can add links in the template to help your customers arrive in the apartment.


24 hour window.

This is to prevent abuse from the business sending messages. You can send a new message after 24 hours if the client do not reply. The idea is to protect the customer. Let me know if this is clear.

If the client replies after a few days that is not an issue.


You can connect your CRM or ERP with WhatsApp API and send automate messages.



If you use WhatsApp API, you need an Inbox to manage your messages. This has an extra cost. Also, each message you sent has extra cost.


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