Over 100 million people worldwide watch Instagram Live per day. Roughly 20% or 1 in 5 Instagram users watch an IG Live stream.

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As of my last update in September 2021, the audience size for Instagram Live broadcasts can vary significantly based on a few factors:

  1. Follower Count: The number of followers you have on your Instagram account will directly impact the potential audience size for your live broadcast. The more followers you have, the larger the initial audience.
  2. Promotion and Engagement: How well you promote your Instagram Live and engage your followers leading up to the broadcast will affect the turnout. If you actively promote your Live, use engaging content, and interact with your followers regularly, you can expect a higher audience.
  3. Timing: The time you choose to go live can make a difference. Broadcasting at a time when your followers are most active on the platform can help you reach a larger audience.
  4. Topic and Content: The subject of your Instagram Live and the quality of your content will influence audience engagement. Interesting and relevant topics are more likely to attract a larger viewership.
  5. Guests and Collaborations: If you collaborate with other Instagram users or influencers, you can tap into their follower base, potentially increasing your audience reach.

It’s important to note that the number of viewers in an Instagram Live can fluctuate during the broadcast. As more people join or leave the live session, the audience size will change dynamically. Additionally, Instagram may send notifications to some of your followers when you go live, encouraging them to join.

Instagram Live is a valuable tool for real-time engagement, and while the initial audience size depends on the factors mentioned above, you can also increase the overall reach of your content by saving the live video to your IGTV (Instagram TV) or making it available in your Stories for 24 hours after the broadcast. This way, those who missed the live session can still watch the recording.

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