What is Clienty?

Clienty is an inbox to automate messages with WhatsApp. You can connect Clienty with HubSpot and other tools. They do not offer a direct access to the platform. You need to talk with a sales agent to get access to your account. This is a solution for medium – big companies. If you are a small company, chatwith.io is a better option.

How much cost a licence for Clienty?

99 $ / mes 3 usuarios.

Do I need WhatsApp API to use Clienty?

No, you can use WhatsApp API but it is optional.

Where is Clienty based?

Clienty is based in Colombia

Alternatives to Clienty

Use Chatwith.io for that. We offer a flat rate pricing and an easy to use solution.

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By César Martín (ToChat.be)

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