Now you can use your Odoo ERP with WhatsApp API. We offer a nice and easy to use integration.

Download this free Module for Odoo to connect the WhatsApp API. GITHUB.

WhatsApp API support for Odoo Community Edition

Odoo Community edition does not support WhatsApp API but with our code you can add all the functionality of WhatsApp to Odoo. Odoo has only developed support for WhatsApp for the Odoo Enterprise version. If you have Odoo Community Edition, write to us so we can help you with this integration.

Automate messages from Odoo to WhatsApp

View our documentation and code to automate messages from Odoo with WhatsApp:

Odoo is an ERP for industrial companies that want to manage their inventories, stocks, production systems, and logistics systems.

Odoo allows a company to have an overview and, above all, a vision of all its departments.

Odoo by default allows sending emails as a notification system to different users. Internal users, external users, customers, suppliers.

Now with the WhatsApp module we can capture customers using the WhatsApp widget in such a way that we can speed up customer qualification as much as possible and integrate that data into the Odoo CRM and once we have the customer or supplier working with us, generate notices and notifications using WhatsApp.

How to check phones with country code in a form

  1. Ask customers for their mobile number at registration. It is very important to update the database and recover the client’s mobile and it is also very important that we have the country code.
  2. This data in all the new leads that we generate from the WhatsApp widget will already be incorporated into our database and will be validated, but in the old leads, we will have to review this field.
  3. With these data already incorporated, we can start sending notifications via WhatsApp to our internal team, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

What kind of notifications are you interested in sending by WhatsApp

  1. Product arrival or shipment notifications.
  2. Sending a quality survey.
  3. Sending notifications to the sales team about new opportunities in the CRM.
  4. Send reminder

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