The multi-device WhatsApp option is now available to everyone, which allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on several devices in a limited but very interesting way and, additionally, without the mobile being turned on. How do you see active and what advantages and disadvantages does WhatsApp multi-device have?

How does the WhatsApp model work?

Due to its technological model, WhatsApp (both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business) centralizes all the information on the smartphone where each WhatsApp is installed.

This is the case both in terminals with Android and iPhone devices and, in the past, in Windows Phone and even Blackberry, so that after the initial installation and activation through an SMS, all messages sent and received go through the terminal yes or yes, being stored in it without there being copies in the cloud of whatsapp messages (at least, accessible to the user).

A few years ago this model was improved by adding the WhatsApp web service.

Using WhatsApp web, it is possible to access WhatsApp conversations from a web browser or program for Windows 10, Windows 11 and macOS and conveniently send and receive messages from another device such as a PC or even a tablet using a modern web browser. and supported.

It is possible to use it without any problem even on an iPad with this same procedure to “install” WhatsApp on an iPad.

Today WhatsApp is widely used as a communication platform not only for WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp broadcast lists or personal issues, but even for professional matters.

Many people even send quotes and documents and actually “work” using WhatsApp, so being able to do so with a larger keyboard and access to files is not only necessary but almost essential.

This is where WhatsApp web has shown its great contribution but, deep down, it continues to act as a “mirror” of the data that is actually stored in the WhatsApp of the smartphone, so that if it is turned off, WhatsApp web does not work.

Another important limitation of WhatsApp web is that it cannot be used simultaneously from several devices at the same time: only from the smartphone (Android or iPhone) and additionally from another computer or tablet.

For quite some time, the community has been asking for the option of being able to use WhatsApp multi-device.

What is WhatsApp multi-device?

WhatsApp linked device in the program for Windows 10

The idea of ​​multi-device WhatsApp is to be able to use WhatsApp simultaneously and with all its functionalities (or almost) on several devices at the same time and simultaneously without problems, even allowing the smartphone where WhatsApp is installed to be turned off or out of coverage, unlike what happened with WhatsApp web.

Of course, for the moment the concept of a device is limited to PCs, Macs or tablets, and WhatsApp cannot be installed at the moment in two apps on two different smartphones (or more).

How many devices can be connected to WhatsApp simultaneously?
With WhatsApp multi-device it is possible to have up to 4 devices connected and, additionally, the smartphone with the WhatsApp or WhatsApp business app installed.

How to activate WhatsApp multi-device?

Use WhatsApp on other devices

Doing so is very simple, since the “Linked devices” option appears in the configuration section. It is the same section where the WhatsApp web option initially appeared. In the event that “WhatsApp web” continues to appear, it is advisable to update the WhatsApp app.

After its activation and every time you want to add a new device, all you have to do is access the section, tap on the “Link a device” button and scan the QR that appears on the new device (program for Windows 10, Windows 11 or macOS) or any browser with the page

Once that code is scanned, it connects automatically and the WhatsApp messages begin to sync.

Advantages of multi-device WhatsApp

Some of the advantages of multi-device WhatsApp are:

Obviously messages can be sent and read from various terminals where the session is activated;

The “main” smartphone where the WhatsApp app is installed does not have to be turned on or in coverage; if not, as soon as you recover the connection, you will receive all the messages generated during your disconnection, both those sent and those received or even deleted, if any. Remember that in the storage model, nothing is stored in the cloud;

In line with the previous point, no conversations, photos, audio or documents are stored in the WhatsApp cloud, which is good for privacy reasons. Other messaging initiatives keep a copy of everything on their servers indefinitely, so in case of unauthorized access to that data, all the information is there. In the case of WhatsApp, everything is stored on our smartphone;

Conversations and connections to additional sessions are end-to-end encrypted;

Any message sent or received is automatically replicated across all active sessions;

It is possible to create groups and access existing ones;
The list of WhatsApp contacts is accessed;

Messages and attachments are deleted from the WhatsApp servers as soon as they are received on the devices linked to the account

WhatsApp multi-device downloading messages

Disadvantages of multi-device WhatsApp

Some drawbacks of multi-device WhatsApp are:

It is not possible to install the app on two smartphones at the same time. Yes, it could be done on a second smartphone or tablet but always using the browser, not an app;

WhatsApp multi-device does not synchronize all the messages or attachments but only the latest ones, so that the previous ones must continue to be consulted where they are stored (that is, on the smartphone with WhatsApp);

Broadcast lists cannot be accessed (or created);

Occasionally, one of the sessions stops working correctly and it is necessary to log out and log in again;

Certain options such as calls or video calls are not always available even if you have the program for Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 or macOS (necessary requirement to be able to make calls);

In the event that the terminal is an iPhone, it is not possible to empty or delete chats on linked devices;

It is not possible to see the real-time location of linked devices;
It is not possible to create a WhatsApp account without installing the app on a smartphone;

In case the main smartphone device is turned off for 14 or more days, the sessions are automatically closed

WhatsApp multi-device organizing messages

It is expected that many of the current limitations or problems will be removed or lessened in later versions of WhatsApp.

In any case, I have been using this functionality since the end of 2021 and, except for occasional disconnections, I confirm that it works very well and is tremendously comfortable.

In my case, I have it activated on two computers and a tablet, so between that and the smartphone, I always have a device with WhatsApp “at hand” since, unfortunately or luckily, the messages are continuous and you have to be aware of them, so WhatsApp multi-device is, for me, a great option.

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