A beautiful short story

A short interview was given to us by Mrs. Shadika, she is head of the e-shop “Nail_Bar_Ja“💅 ,and expert at online sales!

The short interview between Mary, customer supporter of Chatwith.io and the polite professional Mrs.Shadika.

Welcome Mrs.Shadika! Please tell us a few words about yourself and your business.

-Hello, Mary! I’m Shadika, the owner of Nail_Bar_Ja. My online store sells nail supplies, professional accessories for wonderful nails, glitter, colors and nail care products. Mostly my company focuses on women nails cosmetics. I I work from Jamaica, but my e-shop exports products all over America and worldwide.

-Which of Chatwith products do you currenlty use? 

-Emmm, I am using definitely the Chatwith WhatsApp Widget and Payment Links to get paid from my WhatsApp customers.

-What are the benefits you have using the widget now?

-My online store relies heavily on the presence of the Widget! The cute widget leads visitors to my business WhatsApp number, where ask me questions about the nail products I have in my website. I solve every customer question and finally getting better to close an upcoming sale!

-That’s sounds perfect! We are glad of hearing your success and your good critique for our servises! Thank you for your time!

-You are welcome, Mary! Thank you too..

Happy customer Nail Bar Ja

The Nail_Bar_Ja is a nice online shop from Jamaica, using the tools of tochat.be to make deals with online clients and selling worldwide, as the owner explained to us, she is very happy with the provision of our services!


Mainly, based her job services on our tools, she based her online provided services to WhatsApp Widget and WhatsApp Payment links.

The WhatsApp Widget has reached 421 clicks until today and we feel so thankful to work with such so successful companies like this one!

She did a really great job!! 👏

Happy to work with such a professional like YOU!

Thank you, Mrs.Shadika


🏷 Contact Infos Card

Nail_ Bar_Ja

👑Website : https://nailbarja.shopsettings.com

💅WhatsApp Link: https://chatwith.io/s/nail-supplies-bar-ja

Instagram @nailbar_ja

Facebook: Nail Bar Ja

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