In this manual we want to show you step by step how to sell online courses on WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp App. You can choose what WhatsApp version do you prefer to use, but we recommend to use WhatApp Business. You have more options and more tools to automate as much as you can your selling process.

1. Create your WhatsApp Profile.

First you need to install WhatsApp business or WhatsApp on your Apple or Android device which you will find available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Be careful not to get confused, the WhatsApp Business application is different from that of its basic version. At the center of the WhatsApp cartoon icon you will not find a telephone but a “B”.

After installing the app you move on to its configuration, just like for the basic version of WhatsApp, you have to enter a phone number with your country code, but the phone number must be the one you will use to communicate with your customers (you can also use your personal number). Once this is done your profile is ready, now you just have to add all the information about your business from the settings. You can also add a welcome message for your new clients and an absence message for when you are unable to reply.

2. Create your landing page with WhatsApp button

After creating you WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business profile, the next step is to create a landing page for your business. You will be able to that through our tool. After creating your link to WhatsApp trough our tool you need to upgrade you profile to a Premium one to have access to all the feaures and Widget that we offer. It’s just for 200$ per year!.

3. Create your link to pay

f you want to create a cool landing page with a link to WhatsApp and a PayPal button, this is the best solution you can find.

When creating your landing page you can add a PayPal button you only need to add this option in the form to create your landing page.

This option will enable payments in your free landing page.

With this article, we hope to have answered your questions “Can you send money with WhatsApp, how to get a WhatsApp payment, is there an option to pay with paypal on whatsapp?”. If you have questions or want to learn more,  please contact us!

4. Promote your profile and landing page

First you need to create your landing page, you can do it here. Once you created it you’ll obtain a link, the link that if shared on any platform will give your potential customers the opportunity to contact you directly using that link.

Once you have this link you can share it on all your social networks in order to attract more customers. You can paste this in: your Instagram bio, insta sories, TikTok bio, Facebook information, in short everywhere. 

Check this guide if you want to add your landing page to your Tik Tok account

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