By now, a lot of people are using WhatsApp on a daily basis, whether it is for their personal lige, or they are using WhatsApp as a business tool.

A lot of these people have also started to create personal link to their WhatsApp accounts, which leads me to the question, whether or not it actually makes sense to create a link to WhatsApp. The simple answer is, OF COURSE IT DOES! And let me tell you why!

But first, if you haven’t created your personal link to WhatsApp, i would highly recommend you to do so. It can be done on this website 👉

Makes communication so much easier!

Lets say you have a website. On your website, you would usually make all your contact information available for your costumers, so that they know how to contact you. You would usually put up information such as:

  • Phone number 📱
  • E-mail Address 📥
  • LinkedIn profile 👔
  • Social media platforms 👥

But if you want to make things easier for yourself and your customers, you could make a link to your WhatsApp profile, and put that on your website too. This way, everyone who visits your website can simply just press your link, and immediately start a conversation with you!

Make your link available for everyone!

When it comes to sharing your link with your customers, don’t just limit yourself to having your link on your website. Put it on all your available platforms! You can f.x put it on your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.

But the thing is, if you only have your link on your profile, then people would still have to go to your site to find it. So how can you make your link more accessable? It is very simple, just include it in your posts. 📝

When you do that, you get the link out to peoples front pages, and they don’t have to go to your profile, to find your contact information, because you are basically handing it right to them! It doesn’t get much easier than that! ✅

Whenever you do a post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms, this is an example on, how you can use your link to WhatsApp in the best possible way!

Now your costumers don’t even have to look for your contact information on your profile, take the time to call your or anything like that. They just have to press the link, which you have just shared with them, and they will automatically be directed to your WhatsApp! 📲

Improve your customer service!

Obviously, you want to make everything as easy and accesable for your customers, to be give the best possible service, but also to faster get your costumers through the process and hopefully on to a buying process.

A WhatsApp link allows you to reply as fast as possible to your costumers inquiries, but i also gives you the possibility to give your customers a more personalized service experience. 🙋

With WhatsApp business, you can also generate auto replies to frequently asked questions, that you usually get about either your products, services or about your business in general.

You can also generate absence replies, in case you are not available due to sickness, holiday or perhaps maternity leave.

If you want to know more about this, then please check out the following article 👇

What should you put in your absence message in WhatsApp business

Why would you NOT make a WhatsApp link?

Honestly, this is quite a difficult question to answer. First of all, there are really no risks in doing it, so the only reason not to do it, is if you dont use WhatsApp. In that case, you should really consider getting WhatsApp and try it out as a business tool.

Otherwise, WhatsApp gives you a long range of awesome features, that you can use for your personal conversations, but also for your business. 📈

There is really no harm in at least trying it out. It is 100% free, it is easy to make your WhatsApp link, and you can make as many as you need! You really have nothing to lose. 😍

If you have any questions, please let us know, we would be more than happy to help! 🙌

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