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The geo location option allows you to offer the WhatsApp widget to those customers who are in the same geographical area.

This option is really useful for campaigns where the product you are going to sell is linked to the territory.

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Let’s say you sell security doors , or olive oil , or bicycle helmets .

These are products that have shipping costs and therefore that the lead you capture is from the territory where you want to sell it is very important. The option that we offer you with the WhatsApp widget allows you to block the widget or the agents to the territories where you have the campaign as a target.

Suppose you sell in Spain , or in Colombia , or in Switzerland , you can create a widget completely blocked for that country in such a way that the widget is only shown to users who come from that country.

Block agents by country

You can also within a widget block people in such a way that a person is available for a specific country and not for others. In this way, within a Widget some agents will appear for one country AND other agents will appear for other countries of this way your agents will only receive quality leads.

When you give support with WhatsApp the cost is high, in the end you have people agents giving support or closing sales in a human way.

More profitable campaigns

This cost, being high, you have to ensure that the lead you are sending to these people is of the highest quality.

Having geo-blocking allows you to reduce or eliminate noise or unqualified leads that your agents will not be able to sell.

This option is available in the control panel in the widget options or in the people options.

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