Link for WhatsApp, it’s a personal Link, which includes your number!

Company supports the customers to use Whatsapp links and urges businesses to upgrade their online services and use innovative and evolving ways to establish themselves in the new digital age. 

WhatsApp links can be used by all users of the WhatsApp application. It does not matter the gender, whether you are a man or a woman. Not even if you own a business and offer to become a better professional in your field. Regardless of the above differences, everyone can create a personal Link on WhatsApp to chat with those around them!

How to make a personal Link for my WhatsApp number?

At startup, you create the link with your number for free, and with a few simple and clear steps you get your personal WhatsApp link. After that, your phone number is located on the web, as a link and you can share it with your contacts! 

Click on the registration form below and create your WhatsApp Link.

Here are some tips to help you get started with Link Building: 

(1st step)

Write your mobile number with your country code

(2nd step)

Add your business name or your personal name, in order for the link to acquire its personal identity

(3rd step)

Fill in a short and comprehensive message that will be received by those who choose to send you a message, by clicking your link!

(4th and last step)

Your elements are saved

check if they are correct and valid and NOW you are able to click on the bottom “Create your WhatsApp link”.

WhatsApp links look like link URLs, include cell phone numbers, and help those who do marketing through WhatsApp. 

“Share it everywhere! Share it with everyone!”

I made my WhatsApp link, and now what…?

If you just created your link and you do not know where to share it. We are here for you!

We will show you all the ways to use this great feature offered by the WhatsApp application and use them to the fullest! 

Take advantage of the possibilities given to you by the WhatsApp platform and share your link everywhere

  • You can post your link on all your social networks and invite your followers to contact you through it. 
  • Click on this article to read how to share my WhatsApp link on social media.
  • Also share your link, in WhatsApp groups and in simple conversations with friends or colleagues, invite them to find you in the new features we gave you and thus become more available than before. With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is especially popular among friends and family who live in different countries and want to stay in touch.
  • Use a WhatsApp link with a name to make it more personal and trustworthy to the people you choose to chat with.
  • Especially if you have a business and a brand it would be very lucrative to start sharing its link on social media and on its website.

Why WhatsApp Link?

~exceed your business’ limits ~

WhatsApp may seem like nothing more than a text messaging app, but it can do much more. But the WhatsApp link contains all the functions of the simple WhatsApp, with extended functions.

✳Adjust its availability and when you will receive messages, voice, and video calls. Of course yes, they will continue to be all free. You will simply be able to choose the hours you will chat and establish an honest relationship with your interlocutors.

✳Conversation with all the possible WhatsApp number users. You do not need to save someone’s number in your contact list to chat with him if he has a WhatsApp link, just click on his link and immediately start a conversation with him.

✳Organize your contacts and your chat labels. When you are organizing your work evolves faster and more efficiently. With the ability to link, not look in bulky stacks of messages, and place tags and archive your contacts, you respond quickly and on time to all users who request a conversation with you.

Ideas for better and more effective business marketing by having a link on WhatsApp.

  1. Marketing strategies. ⚒ It’s possible to use WhatsApp for marketing without using the extensions of WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Links for any business are necessary for starting to disperse your products on a different chatting platform, like WhatsApp.
  2.  WhatsApp Polls.👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻 WhatsApp polls have many uses, you can ask your customers for feedback, product reviews, or a new product that you intend to launch. help you get the anonymous opinion of your audience and use it to your advantage.
  3.  Increase customer’s service.🛎 Even if you share the link on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter etc) your customer satisfaction increases!
  4.  WhatsApp business becomes more convenient and familiar on WhatsApp platform.📑 which is coming soon, will also help your customer service. You’ll be able to present away messages, share more business info via your profile and assign your business a landline phone number for further support.
  5. Receive payments from WhatsApp. 💰 Your customers can send you the payment for the products they just ordered through WhatsApp. The most convenient solution is to pay directly, without needing to leave the conversation.

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